Travel Agent Help

Table of Contents

  1. Joining ShoreFox
  2. Financials
  3. Reservations
  4. Quality Management
  5. Services

Joining ShoreFox

ShoreFox's marketplace provides your clients everything they are looking for: variety, security, reasonable prices, value for money, personalized service and individual experiences. You connect your guests with ShoreFox, they book shore excursions to enjoy on their cruise vacation, and you earn commission. It's that simple.
It's easy! Go to We will ask you to provide us some basic information about your business. We will then review your profile and release it so you can get started. Usually you are ready to earn commission via ShoreFox within 2 business days.

We designed the system to be effective for Travel Agents: providing a quality service to your clients with minimal effort and maximum returns.

Every time you have sold a cruise, go to the Travel Agent Portal and enter in the email addresses and cruise dates of each client. We will then send out a link to each of your clients via email with a customized message and signature from you. When your clients click on the link, they can browse for excursions.

Here is where it get's exciting: Because your clients are registered to you with their email address and cruise date, any excursions that they purchase, will be automatically linked to your account and you will earn commission. Less time on the phone, no back and forth, no deals, no threshold, and no rebates. It's that simple!

The security of our partners' and clients' data is of the utmost importance to us. We comply to the highest standards with regards to all contact and personal data. We won't share or sell any data or email-addresses to anyone, ever. That's our promise to you.


No, there aren't any costs for Travel Agents, ever.

When your clients book a shore excursion we will credit you with a 10% commission per booking. We will track your earned commission in the Travel Agent Portal.

Tip: We can only provide you with commission for clients that are linked to you via the Travel Agent Portal. That's why it's important to enter in their email addresses and cruise dates correctly. Once you enter this data your work is done!

If your client purchases a shore excursion for the cruise you indicated, you will get the commission associated. For additional cruises, you will need to enter the cruise data so that we can properly track the commission you earn. This is why we encourage all our Travel Agent partners to keep their records up to do date, so that you earn your commission.

ShoreFox works to keep financial transaction fees as low as possible, so that we can provide the best value to our clients. As international money transfers across currencies can be expensive, we work with PayPal and Payoneer as our financial transaction partner. Please check our Guidelines for more information.


Most shore excursion bookings are confirmed instantly. Some require us to get a confirmation from the Tour Operator, which is typically completed in 24 hours. Once the booking is confirmed, your client will receive a confirmation voucher and instructions on where and when to meet with their guide. You will also get a copy of this information in your Travel Agent Portal.
If you need to make changes to a reservation or to cancel a shore excursion, please preferably send us an email or contact one of our Shore Excursion Experts during regular east coast business hours and they will be happy to assist you. You can find our cancellation policy here.
Don't worry! If your clients have a smartphone, they can access their email and pull up the voucher and show it to the Tour Operator. If they don't have a smartphone, but they do have access to the internet and a printer, they can print another copy. If your clients contact you, you will find the voucher code stored securely in your Travel Agent Portal.

Quality Management

ShoreFox has several quality assurance measures in place to ensure that only quality products are offered on the marketplace. These quality assurance measures take place during the selection and onboarding process of new Tour Operators and continue on a regular frequency during operations. In addition to internal quality control measures, we also take the feedback of our guests quite seriously. Tour Operators who don't deliver quality shore excursions are dismissed from the ShoreFox marketplace.

For more information check our Guidelines.


Yes, we do. You can get gift certificates for your clients and send it to them either via our system or on your own. As a courtesy, we will provide you with the booking information so you can follow up after the cruise and maintain your relationship.