Tour Operator Help

Table of Contents

  1. Joining ShoreFox
  2. Financials
  3. Shore excursion offering
  4. Exception handling

Joining ShoreFox

It's easy! The onboarding process is designed to get you up and running and selling excursions asap. Simply go to We will ask you to provide us some basic information about your business. After we review and approve your profile, you will be able to upload pictures and describe your services in detail. Then you decide your schedule (when you offer excursions, and how many tickets you want to sell) and set your price. Most Tour Operators are ready to sell shore excursions within 3 days of starting the onboarding process.
You describe the shore excursion you want to offer with your text and your images. We ensure that no offensive or inappropriate pictures or descriptions are used. In addition we know what guests want to know when considering booking a shore excursion. We may give you some advice on how to create a more appealing description before your shore excursion gets published so that you have the best possible presentation.
No, there aren't any setup costs for a new Tour Operator and there aren't any excursion listing fees either. You can list as many different shore excursions as you want for free. When you sell an excursion, ShoreFox charges a percentage of the value as a service fee.


A service fee (as a percentage of the total sale) is charged for every shore excursion sold on ShoreFox. For this fee ShoreFox provides many different services to you: including the marketing of the service to cruise guests, the advertising for your shore excursion, the capacity handling of your inventory, secure financial transactions in different currencies by credit card, and secure financial payouts.

You do. ShoreFox guests are looking for value for their money and don't want to get ripped off. Therefore we ask that you charge the same price on ShoreFox as you charge locally. And when you decide to charge more than the competition, you can explain the additional value in the description.

Remember that all ShoreFox guests will be invited to give feedback on your shore excursion. Charging fair prices is just good business.

Guests will purchase your shore excursion via ShoreFox with a credit card and receive a voucher with a confirmation code on it, or have a display on their smartphone with the confirmation code. Each guest will either hand this voucher to you at the beginning of the excursion, or show you the code on their smartphone, as a proof of payment. After the excursion is completed, you will redeem the voucher code in your Tour Operator Portal and we will transfer the price of the shore excursion minus the connection fee periodically to you.

ShoreFox works to keep your costs as low as possible but still offering flexible payment options. Depending on your country of operation, with Paypal and Payoneer prepaid MasterCards, we offer two different methods of payment. For more details, check our Guidelines.

Shore excursion offering

Yes, you can. This is a great example of the flexibility that ShoreFox offers, so that you can maximize your sales. You set your offering and your available resources. When guests are booking your shore excursions, our system checks your parallel offerings and eliminates them for the timeslot when you don't have any resources available any more.
You can sell shore excursions with your rental equipment via ShoreFox but we don't offer capacity management for your bikes/Segways/scooters/etc yet. Nevertheless you can get a notification when a specified number of bookings has been reached via ShoreFox.
Yes, you can. You can maintain as many resources as you want. The capacity management, the bookings and the financial transactions are managed by you. That means you can hire additional people to work for you and you keep total control of your business—and grow it.
Sure. You need to specify the capacity that you want to sell via ShoreFox for each shore excursion per day. If you get bookings from other sources then you need to reduce this capacity via the Tour Operator Portal immediately to avoid a double booking.
Your schedule is up to you. When you only want to work in the high season or only on Mondays—no problem. Just configure your schedule on ShoreFox according to your availability.
We process every booking request immediately. Depending on the communication preferences you set up, we will either send you an email or a text message confirmation for each booking or a capacity request for each booking. A capacity request requires you to respond and confirm the booking. In order to simplify your process and provide the best service to our customers, we recommend that you set your communication preference to capacity request only when necessary.

You can specify a booking cut-off time between 12 hours or several days for each shore excursion if you need time to plan or prepare for the excursion, i.e. getting equipment, tickets, etc. After the cut-off time you indicated we won't sell your shore excursion anymore.

Keep in mind that many guests like the flexibility of being able to decide on a shore excursion on short notice. We offer a mobile web page and many people have smart phones with internet access these days. Therefore, keep your booking cut off time as low as possible to increase the likelihood of getting last minute bookings.

Yes. ShoreFox is a shore excursion market place for cruise guests. And one characteristic of a market place are competing options. We encourage you to stand out with nice pictures, an inspiring description of your shore excursion content, an innovative excursion nobody else is offering and/or your reputation on the platform.
There are many ways to stand out. Some ideas include nice pictures, an inspiring description of your excursion content, or offering an innovative shore excursion nobody else is offering. One of the easiest ways to stand out is to develop a positive reputation on ShoreFox, which is built entirely from the ratings and feedback from guests who completed your shore excursion.
You can cancel any shore excursion that doesn't have any bookings. Once a shore excursion has a booking, it can only be canceled on a case by case basis. We work hard to ensure that all shore excursions are delivered so that we don't disappoint our guests. However, we understand that there may sometimes be circumstances beyond your control which prohibit you from completing a shore excursion. In this case it is your responsibility to contact and advise on the situation.

Your ShoreFox account can be reached 24/7 via the Tour Operator Portal where you can maintain your shore excursions and your capacity and upload new excursions. For the communication of capacity requests/bookings you can choose between email (when you or your back-office has permanent internet access and/or you own a smartphone) or text messages (when you work alone and/or don't have a smartphone). You also have a Destination Manager who is available to answer your questions via email or phone.

Tip: Managing your business with ShoreFox via a smartphone has a lot of advantages. You might think of investing in one with the additional revenue ShoreFox generates.

Exception handling

ShoreFox asks all guests to write reviews of the shore excursions they participated in. This is an important decision factor for other potential guests. ShoreFox does not alter or modify the reviews of guests in any way.

We know that you can't expect every review to be positive. If you get a bad review you can make up for it with having more positive reviews than negative. People today judge on the big picture, vs. one person's individual opinion.

Remember: ShoreFox doesn't promote Tour Operators with positive reviews. Consider us a neutral element in the market. However, we do allow guests to sort shore excursion search results with different filters, including top rated and average feedback. Therefore, you should always work to deliver the highest level of service possible.

Sometimes for reasons out of anyone's control guests can't make it to a shore excursion. If guests can't make your excursion because their ship didn't arrive to port, they will be issued a full refund. We consider this a fair business arrangement.

Guests have the right to ask for a refund if they don't feel that the shore excursion they experienced met the description that you gave. For example: if you advertised that the shore excursion was 3 hours long but you dropped them off at the pier after 1 hour, this could be a reasonable reason to justify a refund. But if a guest requests a refund because they didn't see all the fish they wanted on the scuba dive, this is not a reasonable refund request.

Refunds will be offered only in justifiable circumstances and all requests for refunds will be considered by ShoreFox on a case by case basis after touching base with you.