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Table of Contents

  1. Booking of shore excursions
  2. Participation in shore excursions
  3. After the shore excursion
  4. Changes, cancellations and refunds

Booking of excursions

While many shore excursions can be purchased until 12 hours before the start time, some excursions book up well in advance. Therefore, when you know what you want to do we recommend reserving your excursions as far in advance as possible. This will give you the best chance of reserving your first choice in each port.
This depends on the specific exursion. Some require local preparation like permits or tickets and others don't. Every excursion has a specific booking deadline which can be as low as 12 hours. Please note the booking deadline of all excursions you are interested in so that you can book them on time. If you book an excursion last minute, your Tour Operator will be notified by our mobile booking engine so that he can be on time to pick you up.
You can expect to enjoy a shared excursion with other cruise guests. On a private excursion, the entire experience will be built around you and your group, with no other guests. The pricing also differs: with a shared excursion you purchase a ticket for each participant, and with a private excursion you pay a fixed price for the shore excursion, regardless of the number of participants.
Some shore excursions (i.e. horseback riding) have a duration which includes the transfer and the activity and the core activity duration of the actual time with the horse. We distinguish between these two durations for a better comparison, and a better understanding of the value of your shore excursion.
Sometimes our guests want to spend time with their friends and family, but they don't necessarily have the same interests. For these cases the Tour Operator may offer an associated excursion at a discounted price, which allows someone to book a ticket purely as an observer. On other shore excursions you will need to purchase a full price ticket. When you review the results of your search, associated excursions will link to the regular excursion, showing you this available option.
Some Tour Operators offer excursions in other languages. Please check the shore excursion description, and if there is another language spoken by the guide, then it will be displayed. Keep in mind that the primary language of the excursion will be English, but when you introduce yourself to the guide, he/she will be happy to assist you.
Yes. Please allow at least 60 minutes between each excursion.
Yes, the prices you see on ShoreFox for daytickets are the same as advertised locally. By reserving your ticket in advance, you can avoid lines and save time for enjoying the experience. Please keep in mind that a dayticket does not come with a guide or any sort of a tour, but will come with a Port Review for the port of call.
No, they do not. The choice to offer a child price is completely dependent on the Tour Operator, as is the age that he/she defines a child. While many shore excursions offer child prices some, like scuba diving, offer one price for everyone because the participation effort and safety restrictions require it.
You need a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover etc.) to book with us. ShoreFox will deduct the amount due from your card once you have received the excursion confirmation. The text on your credit card statement will say "Triptelligent".
Shortly after you reserve a shore excursion, we will e-mail you a confirmation which will include your vouchers as well as instructions on how and when to meet up with your guide.
Visiting foreign ports of call for the first time can bring many questions to mind: Should I exchange my money into the local currency? Is there local transportation available? Where can I find a café with free wifi? We know that you want to maximize your time exploring each port and that's where the Port Review comes in, giving you all the key information you need to know with an easy to read map. Think of it like a helping hand.

ShoreFox is a shore excursion marketplace, designed to give smaller and independent Tour Operators the opportunity to sell their shore excursions directly to cruise guests. We only work with professional Tour operators who are already serving the cruise community. People that book shore excursions with our Tour Operators enjoy breaking away from the crowd, individual service, and unique experiences. They also enjoy supporting local businesses and getting to know their guides.

We pre-qualify all Tour Operators during their registration and signup process and we rely on you – our community – to provide us with honest feedback from your shore excursion experiences. This way you get a balanced view of what fellow travelers think and can choose excursions based on this.

ShoreFox monitors the cruise excursion market carefully for variety and pricing to provide you with an attractive product. Whenever we find identical – or very similar in terms of content and duration – shore excursions of at least 3 cruise lines, we display the average price difference for your convenient comparison.

Shore excursion descriptions provided by the Tour Operators specify what accommodations are available for physically challenged passengers. Please refer directly to the restrictions section of each detailed description.

However, to the extent guests are able to walk short distances on their own, we recommend shore excursions designated as requiring a low level of activity. The transportation on some excursions may be able to accommodate a collapsible wheelchair stored below the bus; however, scooters or motorized wheelchairs are too large to be stored on the transportation used for the excursions. If passengers are non-ambulatory, we generally recommend independent transportation for their comfort and convenience. Our Shore Excursion Experts can provide suggested excursions. We also recommend that non-ambulatory guests be accompanied by someone who is able to assist them throughout the duration of the shore excursion.

Participation in shore excursions

Your confirmation voucher will list any additional items that you should bring with you in order to maximize your experience. These items can include a camera, towel, sunscreen, bug repellant, water shoes etc. The voucher will also list any items which are provided to you complimentary as a part of the shore excursion, so that you can focus on enjoying—not packing.
Upon confirmation of your shore excursion, you will receive a voucher with your booking confirmation and a Port Review document. The Port Review will give simple and clear instructions on where to meet your guide.
Don't worry! If you have a smartphone, just access your email and pull up the voucher and show it to your Tour Operator. If you don't have a smartphone, but you do have access to the internet and a printer, just print another copy. If you have booked via a travel agency, they also can access your records and tell you the code. Finally, you can always call us at +1 (305) 900-7365 and get your confirmation code from one of our Shore Excursion Experts. Just have the code ready with any photo ID for your Tour Operator and you will be all set to go.
Extending a gratuity to your guide or driver is strictly optional but greatly appreciated by your guide/driver. A commonly accepted guideline is USD $3.00 per person for a half-day excursion and USD $5.00 per person for a full-day excursion.

Although the cruise lines would like you to believe that independent shore excursions carry this risk, all Tour Operators are well aware of your ship's departure time, and all excursions are designed to get you back to the ship with time to spare. In the extremely unlikely event you miss the ship, our terms and conditions regulate how your costs are covered.

Tip: Before leaving the ship, always take note of the notice on the gangway when you have to be back and make sure to check the ship's time compared to local time. This way you will know how much time you have after the excursion before you need to return to the ship.

After the shore excursion

Feedback is greatly appreciated in the ShoreFox community. We only post feedback from guests who actually took the excursion, so that all our guests can be sure that 100% of the feedback and reviews are real.

After the shore excursion each participant who provided an email address will receive an invitation to share feedback on their experiences. Be open and honest! Feedback is appreciated both by the Tour Operators and your fellow travelers in the ShoreFox community.

We welcome both pictures and videos together with your feedback/rating review. These will be appreciated by your fellow travelers. Just follow the simple upload instructions when you fill out your review. We can't wait to see them!

Changes, cancellations and refunds

If you need to make changes to your reservation or to cancel a shore excursion, please send us an email or contact one of our Shore Excursion Experts during regular east coast business hours and they will be happy to assist you. You can find our cancellation policy here.
Yes. You will receive a full refund for your excursion to your credit card if you cannot make a departure due to a ship delay or a missed port. You will also receive a full refund if weather or an equipment problem prevents the Tour Operator from delivering the shore excursion. Just let us know by email within one week of the date of the excursion, and we will issue a full refund back to your credit card.