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Every morning more than 500,000 people wake up in bed on board of a cruise ship, ready to explore the next port of call. So excited, so many things to do, so little time. How to make this day a lasting memory?
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ShoreFox wants to be your guide in the unknown destination, your guide in the shore excursion jungle. Not the big bus, not the beaten track—but the individual experience. ShoreFox is a shore excursion marketplace, designed to connect cruise guests with local Tour Operators and guides.
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Meet Maxwell: an amazing guy, always smiling with a story to tell. Making his living as a tour guide for cruise guests—and loving it every single day. We help him grow his business—that's a good feeling.
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At dinner your dining companions are jealous: “Really? No lollipop to follow, no sticker on your shirt?” “Nope—just shore excursion happiness.”
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A rating and review for Maxwell. Fellow travelers will appreciate it and so will Maxwell, as that's the base of his business. And back at home you pass a note to your Travel Agent: “Thanks for making us aware of ShoreFox: We found Maxwell there and we love to remember that day.”

We are proud to share ShoreFox with you: the shore excursion marketplace designed to benefit all members of the cruise travel community. Move away from the masses and back into experiences—the possibilities are endless. See you out there.