Every tour description shows if the tour starts at the cruise pier or you will travel to the meeting point. We always put a text description of how to reach the meeting point, and now we’ve added a map with a marker on it to make it easier to find. You can see an example below. The map shows the meeting point for Civitavecchia, the port of the beautiful town of Rome. In this port, a free shuttle brings people from the dock to the exit of the port. From there, it’s a two minute walk to the meeting point where your guide is waiting and you’ll find it easily with the map.

Voucher with Map and QR-Code

You might be wondering what the squared black-and white box on the left is. That’s a QR-code. You can download a free QR-code reader to your smartphone and scan this box with it. Then, depending on your operating system, either Apple Maps or Google Maps will open and navigate you to the meeting point from wherever you currently are. It couldn’t be easier.

And now one last hint for the techie inside you: Copy and paste or key-in the exact numbers below the QR-code in a Google Maps search box and see what happens. Hint: a route guidance will start after you hit enter since the numbers are longitude and latitude coordinates.