The holidays are a favorite time of the year. There are incredible benefits to cruising during a holiday, from enjoying a stress-free time with your loved ones to experiencing a heightened cheer as you are surrounded by thousands of well wishers. Here is an overview of the best highlights of cruising during a holiday:

#1: Put Those Pots & Pans Away

On a holiday cruise, all the special meals are taken care of while you relax by the pool. Beyond the usual dinners, you can expect all the trimmings during festively decorated dinners and themed lunches. Some ships go one step further with instructional cooking classes and tastings for holiday favorites.


#2: Reinvigorate Your Childhood Whimsy

Cruise ships have an amazing pool of talent working behind the scenes. Many ships compete to put on the most festive holiday displays – including fantastic whole gingerbread villages and shimmering decorations. You would be amazed at how the decorations brighten up the ship and put everyone in a cheery mood!

#3: Get The Family Together

All ships have conference space aboard – and it’s good for more than business meetings. Talk to the shipboard management or groups coordinator to secure one of the spaces and you can have your own private celebration! You can order food and drinks and even have a/v equipment to create special memories for all the generations.

#4) Enjoy Unique Holiday Themed Activities

Most cruise lines offer children’s programming that is both extensive and imaginative. During the holidays it kicks into overdrive with additional activities, plays and movies. Your children will make new friends and maybe even get a visit from a famous man in a big red suit!

#5) Get Ready To Party

Holiday parties at home mean arranging babysitters, designated drivers and additional expenses. Holiday parties at sea? Well they include thousands of your closest friends partying up on the pool deck until the wee hours of the morning. The champagne will be flowing and many of the officers will come out to celebrate as well. Nights full of good cheer, with your “home away from home” just a short walk away. Now that’s convenient.

Whatever you choose, we wish you a happy holidays!

Gingerbread Men