When you think of cruising, do you envision an endless line around a buffet? Those times are long gone, and replaced by fellow cruisers who are active and adventurous. And while there is lots to explore onboard your cruise ship, ashore is where the real adventure is. So strap on your seatbelt and get excited to learn more about how to incorporate authentic adventure into your next cruise vacation.

Surfing Girls

Fly in a Jetpack: Feeling stuck with your feet planted on the earth? Then get ready to fly in beautiful St. Thomas or Grand Cayman! This exciting activity straps a jetpack to your back and uses water propulsion to push you out of the water and into the air. Master the controls and try different types of advanced maneuvers as you get a view of the world that you never thought possible.

Learn to Surf in Hawaii: Cruising to Hawaii is a lifelong dream for many. And once you arrive you better get ready to get wet! Surfing was made famous in Hawaii over the last century by Duke Kahanamoku who showcased the sport to the world. Ancient Hawaiians integrated surfing into their culture and made surfing more of an art than anything else. But however you view it, it’s impossible to say you visited Hawaii without climbing up on a surfboard and trying to catch some waves!

Go Off Road in a Jeep: Feel the need for speed? Then get ready for an off road jeep adventure through the desert near Cabo San Lucas. This spectacular drive runs parallel with the coast and leads you to one of the oldest missions in Cabo. Discover the beautiful and colourful town of Santiago and stop at Fox Canyon to swim under the waterfall (and wash some of the dust off). It’s a rugged outdoor adventure that you won’t soon forget. And when you relax over dinner that night, you’ll definitely have some stories to tell.

RIB Boat

Whale Watch in a Navy R.I.B.: Whale watching is a fantastic experience that connects you to nature. Whale watching in an authentic Navy SEAL Team R.I.B. (Rigid Inflatable Boat)? Now that sounds exciting! The low profile of the R.I.B. allows you to get up close and personal to the marine wildlife and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. As your captain Ray would say: Life is meant to be an adventure!

Play Paintball in the Hills of St. Lucia: So you are cruising with your friends or extended family and looking for an activity that gets everyone actively involved? Then paintball wars are the ticket for you. No more snoozing in the back seat of another sightseeing tour – this fun activity will expose you to skills you never knew you had. Experience the thrill of competition as you navigate your team through our lush vegetation and stunning views while the “enemy” lurks nearby. This is a once in a lifetime experience on the beautiful island of St. Lucia that will leave everyone wanting more.

Learn to Cook Authentic Jamaican Food: Please don’t shake your head and tell us that cooking is not an adventure. Then you obviously never had authentic and spicy Jamaican jerk! Here is your opportunity to learn new culinary skill which is sure to impress friends and family. Get a hands-on lesson on how to shop for and cook Jamaican cuisine for a truly satisfying experience. Join your chef in “The Barn” on the grounds of the stunning Annandale Great House. And don’t worry – there are plenty of cool and refreshing drinks to go around.


Spear a Lionfish: Come along for a unique adventure and learn to hunt lion fish! This non-native fish was introduced to the Caribbean Sea by accident when some aquarium tanks burst. The lionfish is a voracious hunter and has since multiplied exponentially – greatly diminishing local fish and destroying coral reefs. In order to cull the population many countries have legalized hunting the fish in order to restore a balance to the delicate marine ecosystem. In Costa Maya, a professional will take you out and teach you the fun sport of spearfishing so that you enjoy this unique sport and do some good in the ocean!

Charter a Sailboat to Stingray City: Picture waters ranging from deep blue to the lightest shade of turquoise off the sunny shores of Grand Cayman. Imagine yourself gliding across them light as the wind. Picture yourself swimming with the stingrays, wild and free. Imagine snorkeling over pristine barrier reef, surrounded by hundreds of fish of all shapes, sizes and colours. With a private boat and an experienced Captain, the world is literally your oyster! There is no better way to get out on the open water than in your own craft. Spend quality time with your friends and family and make new ocean friends along the way! And after you pick up some sailing skills, your Captain will even let you take the wheel for a while.


Fly with the Red Baron: Get ready for a thrilling adventure in the only open biplane on Kauai! Talk about a personal experience – the YMF-5 Super is specifically designed to carry a pilot and just two passengers. While the Red Baron) operates the controls from the rear cockpit, you will sit up front in the cozy, yet comfortable open cockpit! Each passenger is provided with a nostalgic cloth helmet and goggles, along with a modern headset that provides continuous two-way communications.

Climb a Volcano: Looking for a better way to see the lush forests and views of St. Kitts? Then a volcano hike up Mount Liamuiga might be in order. The volcano stands at 3792 ft and is the highest point on the island. It’s a moderate hike for those who are physically fit and the guide fits to your pace. On the top of the central forest reserve the volcano rim is 2800 feet above sea level. With breaktaking scenic views of the volcano crater, the cloud forest and offshore islands, you will enjoy a delicious picnic lunch.

Mountain Bike Across Aruba: Get real for a real countryside ride. This is the best way to see the natural beauty of Aruba. Wind your way down along the Northeast coast where you’ll enjoy the sound and views of the waves crashing wildly onto the rocky shore. With the wind in your back you’ll pass the Tierra Del Sol Golf course and up the Coral Plateau home of the California Lighthouse where you get the chance to stretch your legs and take pictures of the magnificent views.

Motorcycle Alaska

Hit the Road on a Harley: Feel the wind on your face on the ultimate open road adventure in Ketchikan, Alaska. You’ll cover approximately 55 miles of paved road along Alaska’s famed Inside Passage, and hear of the lore and legends of Alaska told by your experienced guide at scenic stops. Stops and sights may include soaring eagles, salmon and other wildlife. They say that Alaska is the last great wilderness in the United States – come and find out for yourself!

Fly Over the Famed Blue Hole: Venture high in the sky into the open ocean towards the one of a kind Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is the largest ocean sinkhole in the world and a World Heritage Site, created by a collapsed underground cavern, hence giving the appearance of a dark blue circle amidst the turquoise sea. It’s one of the wonders of the world and can only be viewed in its entirety from the air – Get ready to be dazzled by its size and color.

Blue Hole