Several Cruise Ships

Every year, Travel Weekly hosts a conference specifically geared towards the cruising community. It’s called CruiseWorld – and its all about travel for those who specialize in the exciting world of cruising. It’s a premier location for travel agents who book a diversified book of business, and for suppliers building their frequent traveler client base. The program includes hands on learning during workshop sessions, expert advice from industry executives, networking events, an exhibitor showcase and exclusive ship inspections. Travel professionals learn about the rising trends of the cruising community. Over 1,000 travel agents and agency owners will be in attendance. And of course, so will we!


While many people today say that the travel agent is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the face of today’s online community, we don’t agree. The personal relationship and knowledge of the travel agent is now more important than ever, as long as they are able to effectively utilize modern technology and the right partners to provide additional value and services to their clients and increase online conversions.

So how valuable are today’s travel agents? Well the home based agent population, which focuses overwhelmingly on leisure travel, reached 40,000 in 2011, up from 31,000 in 2006. In 2010, home based agents sold nearly US$10 billion in travel. Traditional travel agencies accounted for nearly US$95 billion in travel sales in 2011, or one third of the $284 billion U.S. travel market. Leisure agencies tend to specialize in more complex leisure products such as vacation packages and cruises that are more challenging to book online.

ShoreFox’s modern marketplace features make it easy for clients to search, filter and book shore excursions online. We provide all the information they need to make informed decisions – and of course we feature hundreds of inspiring and affordable options!

And for travel agents – combining their personal relationship and experience with advanced tailoring technologies to better serve their clients makes partnering with ShoreFox a win-win. With our easy to set up website integration and direct email service travel agents find our site easy to use and recommend – and they love the added value they provide to their clients by saving them money and connecting them to the small group excursions they are looking for.

ShoreFox will have an exhibitor booth and lots of exciting goodies to connect with top travel agents. We are excited to showcase our unique excursions and technology and create lasting relationships! We will post pictures and updates from the conference to let everyone get in on the action.

Are you planning to attend CruiseWorld and want to get in touch? Get in touch with us here and we’ll be happy to schedule a meeting.