Photo credit: Tom Lancashire

Thought to be the only albino humpback whale since his discovery in 1991, Migaloo has gained a large following of people eager to share photos or videos they capture of this beautiful mammal as he makes his journey through the ocean. For whale watching enthusiasts, any sighting of a whale as it leaps out of the sea and shoots water out of it’s blowhole is a thrilling experience. However, very few people can say that they’ve spotted one whose body is entirely white.

Migaloo is protected under Australian law. As the only documented albino whale, he is drawing a lot of media attention to the Queensland, Australia coastline. In fact, he even has his own website where you can get updates on his location and latest sighting information, as well as learn more about Pacific Whale research.

Check out this video for a live interaction between Migaloo and these very lucky viewers who saw him near the Great Barrier Reef, migrating back to Antarctica after spending the part of of the winter off Port Douglas.

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