Pig Beach

Tourists flock to Nassau and the Bahamas for the sunny weather, beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyle. But did you know that the Exuma Cays, a 120-mile-long chain of islands located southeast of Nassau in the Bahamas, are also home to an unexpected cast of characters: the famous swimming pigs in the Bahamas?

The pigs make their home on Pig Beach, the southernmost beach of Big Major Cay in the Exuma Cays. Legend has it that pirates brought the pigs ashore one day for a feast, but they escaped into the wilderness. No one seems to know for sure how this small colony of pigs first arrived in the Bahamas more than a decade ago, but they’ve since become a popular tourist attraction; lazing around in the sun, frolicking on the sand and paddling out into the surf to meet the boatloads of tourists that arrive to feed them every day.

When the pigs hear the motors of the approaching boats they come trotting down the beach and into the clear waters of the Caribbean with snouts upturned.. With more grace than you expect, they paddle out to the boats to get their scraps. The pigs will hang around the boats as long as there is food, and your can swim with them for an unforgettable experience. Just remember, the pigs are used to being fed and are non-discriminatory, so watch your fingers!