Stand Up Paddle Boarding

The history of paddle boarding reaches back to the 1960th in Hawaii. Surfing instructors used bigger boards to position themselves closer to the surfers to take pictures or giving advice. Riding a paddleboard requires handling the paddle and current, while balancing on the board; You can get familiar with the sport in less than an hour. Once you have your “sea legs” it’s possible to stand and paddle longer distances. In less than ten years, the sport has spread from surf beaches to nearly ever other type of watercourse and became globally popular.

The first stand up paddleboard race was held in 2007 on Lake Tahoe in the United States. The first Standup World Series championship races were held in Hawaii in 2012.

That long distances can be travelled with a SUP has recently been proven: A US man crossed the Florida Straight from Cuba to Key West, FL, making the 110 mile journey in 28 hours. You can decide if you also want “to promote peace and understanding between Cuba and the United States and to promote a healthy lifestyle” like him or if you just do it for fun. In either case, check out our paddle boarding excursions in St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Fort Lauderdale, and Cabo San Lucas.

Want to shorten your training time additionally? Watch the Battle of The Paddle in this beautiful video: