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Star Wars - Now In The Caribbean In St. Martin 2013-03-30

Star Wars

The Force is strong in Philipsburg, St. Martin where Nick Maley — “That Yoda Guy” — has opened a museum. Possibly the most surprising enterprise in the Caribbean, who would expect to find Darth Vader, Superman and Ridley Scott’s Alien in St. Martin? The exhibit spans six decades of movie making, with items from The Terminator, Men in Black and even The Maltese Falcon.

You may not be familiar with his name, but Maley created one of the most iconic characters in cinema history with Yoda, and has contributed to over 50 movies in total. The collection focuses on the creators and the techniques that brought to life Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbaca, The Terminator, Alien, Highlander, Superman, and other iconic figures of cinema. Free to the public and operated as a non-profit, visitors can tour the little museum and see movie history at its finest. And if you are lucky you can meet Maley and purchase a piece of original artwork.

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Where Do the Happiest People in the World Live? 2013-03-19

Happy People

The Happy Planet Index ranks countries based on how many long and happy lives each produces per unit of environmental output. And guest what? 9 out of the top 10 countries with the happiest people are in the Caribbean/Latin America.

The three biggest nations of cruisers are United States (happiness rank 105), United Kingdom (happiness rank 41), and Germany (happiness rank 46). For country specific information, you can check the data here.

So on your next Caribbean cruise remember: The people you are dealing with on your shore excursion are happier than you in life – so get out there to hear their stories and learn from them! Why? Because happiness is contagious.

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Want to own your private island? 2013-03-11

Private Island

No, Amazon doesn’t sell islands (yet), but you can buy them on the internet. Check out Private Islands Online to find an island that matches your requirements. Prices start as low as $30,000 for a remote island in Canada or Central America. The highest price tag in $100m+ and you can only guess what “price upon request” means.

Never fear: there are less expensive ways to get on a private islands – even if it’s only yours for a day. Many cruise lines run private islands. Having a private island gives them the option to control the whole experience – and obviously also the revenue. Some of the islands are purchased, some are leased over decades. One thing that’s guaranteed? All cruise line owned islands are cookie-cutter experiences: located in the Caribbean, delivering the perfect beach day.

Here is the list of islands:

  • Carnival: Half Moon Cay
  • Disney Cruise Line: Castaway Cay
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: Great Stirrup Cay
  • Princess Cruises: Princess Cay
  • Royal Caribbean: Coco Cay and Labadee

If the day on one of these islands made you hungry to get your own, check out this list of high profile islands owners. Maybe Richard Branson, David Copperfield or Nicolas Cage has some advise for you…

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James Bond, Ornithologist? 2013-03-07


Ian Flemming, a British author, was living in Jamaica and was a keen bird watcher. When searching for the name of a new fictional character for a book series about a British spy, he came across the American ornithologist James Bond. Bond wrote one of the major books about birds in the Caribbean called “Birds of the West indies”, which can still be ordered at Amazon.

Flemming contacted the real Bond and got permission to use his name for the fictional spy character. They even met once in Jamaica, and created a strong bond over a love of birds and writing.

As a tribute in the 2002 Bond film Die Another Day, the fictional Bond Pierce Brosnan, can be seen reading Birds of the West Indies in Havana, Cuba. The author’s name on the front cover is obscured. In the same film, he introduces himself while undercover as an ornithologist.

With material from: Wikipedia

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Sunken Rum in the Cayman Islands 2013-02-26

Rum Barrels

Distilling rum on land is so 20th century. For a modern approach, check out Grand Cayman’s Seven Fathoms Distillery where they age fermented sugarcane and molasses in wooden barrels located deep underwater (42ft/13m). The founders believe that there is a unique pressure, humidity and temperature profile under the sea that is impossible to replicate on land. The constant push and pull of the waves does the traditional distiller’s job of rotating the barrels – human intervention not required.

The location is a secret in order to protect the delicious drink. Made for sipping, the rum goes down smooth and dry, and features distinct sugarcane and citrus notes and oaky, vanilla flavors. Want to see how it’s done? You can take an interactive tour, which includes a rum tasting and a walk-through of the refining, aging and blending process.

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